PLM's Green Initiative

Every company has the responsibility to practice good environmental stewardship in making continuous efforts in reducing their own environmental footprint, and PLM is no exception! Not only do we help other businesses with their recycling efforts, but we “practice what we preach” in our own and in our supplier/partners plants. Very little that we do ends up in waste containers! We 100% recycle all corrugated, shrink wrap, wood, and scrap metal, etc., including nails, waste oil, rubber tires, office paper and more. Read more...

PLM Services

PLM, Inc. has been a pioneer in the recycled pallet business for over 10 years. We also have another opportunity in helping our customers establish cost savings and increased revenue opportunities through our Recycled Waste Stream Management Solutions. Click on Recycled Waste Stream Management Solutions and you'll begin to see how we can continue to add value to your supply chain and assist with reducing your environmental footprint. Problem Solved!

Our range of services includes:

PLM Trailer Truck