Image: Customized Solutions
Customized Solutions
“After visiting PLM’s facility, I knew they were the ones to manage and repair our proprietary pallets. The competition wasn’t even close! Although price is a key factor, a company’s character and capabilities are equally important, and PLM just nails it.”

— Operations Manager,
    Consumer Products Distribution
Image: Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
“Knowing we are going to be paid for our 30+ truckloads per week of excess pallets and other recycled commodities, as well as receive empty trailers when needed really helps me do my job better. PLM manages the entire process every day, allowing me and my team to focus on other issues in our business.”

— VP of Operations,
    Grocery Distribution
Image: There When You Need Us
There When You Need Us
“Professionalism with consistent on-time service, delivery and quality is what sets PLM apart from the others.”

— Sr. VP of Packaging Procurement,
    Fortune 500 Pharmaceuticals Company
Image: Advanced Tracking Services
Advanced Tracking Services
“PLM’s innovation through load tracking and truck GPS management helped us identify some internal theft of our recycled waste stream commodities.”

— Sr. Director of Distribution Operations
Image: Networked for Success
Networked for Success
“Our company is very demanding when it comes to our suppliers. And with 25 distribution facilities in the US, PLM and it’s partners are always on time and consistently manage all of our recycled waste streams.”

— Senior Project Manager,
    Fortune 500 Consumer Products Distribution


Stacks of PalletsWe manage millions of pallets annually—for customers down the street and across North America. Quality and Service make the difference! We focus our attention to you—our valued customers—and your pallet management needs so you can focus your attention on your business! 

Whether you need to buy recycled pallets for your products, have used pallets to sell, or are looking for a customized on-site or off-site pallet management program, we are your single-source, supply chain solution. Problem Solved!


Stacks of Recyclable MaterialPLM provides cost avoidance and revenue generating solutions to customers all over the United States. Our expert staff can provide recycled waste management programs to manage it all—pallets, corrugated, plastic, metal, shrink wrap, and even office paper—from your distribution and manufacturing facilities. One call and Problem Solved!

We start with our automated waste stream audit questionnaire to gather data about your current activities within your waste stream. We then summarize that data and provide a customized solution that will accomplish your goals and improve your bottom line. Give us a call at 800.437.7108 to learn how to improve your environmental footprint and your Bottom Line! Learn more about a free consultation from PLM.


The results are in-

The tournament was sponsored by PLM, Inc. and Madison County Wood Products Inc.  “This year was our best year ever, raising $34,200” says Steven Snodsmith, President of PLM, Inc.  “I am so very proud of all of the employees at PLM and MCWP, our dedicated suppliers, customers, friends, and family that continue to support our efforts”.

PLM matched 50% of all the contributions made by its employees and the employees of Madison County Wood Products, Inc.  One of the biggest tornadoes in US history hit Joplin Missouri, on May 22, 2011 displacing many people in the area.  “There are many people that have been affected by this horrific disaster, that do not even the necessities of life (food, shelter, and clothing) that need our help” says Steven Snodsmith, President of PLM, Inc.  Thank you to all the employees that gave in support of the people Joplin, Missouri.