PLM's Green Initiative

Every company has the responsibility to practice good environmental stewardship in making continuous efforts in reducing their own environmental footprint, and PLM is no exception! Not only do we help other businesses with their recycling efforts, but we “practice what we preach” in our own and in our supplier/partners plants. Very little that we do ends up in waste containers! We 100% recycle all corrugated, shrink wrap, wood, and scrap metal, etc., including nails, waste oil, rubber tires, office paper and more. Read more...

About PLM

PLM, Inc. is helping customers to identify Cost Avoidance Opportunities and to leverage Revenue Generating potential through creative pallet management and recyclable waste stream solutions that have a positive bottom line impact for our customers, along with reducing their environmental footprint

We can provide national, regional, and local solutions through our hand-selected and qualified Supplier Network

Whether you are a customer who purchases pallets, has an excess supply of pallets for sale, is in need of Total Pallet Management Services, or requires an entire pallet and waste stream solution, we listen to your needs and design a solution that works for you.

Our company was founded on three basic principles: Integrity, Service, and Financial Soundness. 

  • INTEGRITY: Our employees always serve our customers with the highest moral and ethical principles. We hold ourselves accountable and are driven by these principles to deliver the results our customers expect.
  • SERVICE: Our employees aim to provide the utmost level of satisfaction that our customers deserve. Whether you need a truckload of pallets or an empty trailer to load your recycled stream waste, we respond promptly to your needs.
  • FINANCIAL SOUNDNESS: We practice sound financial accounting principles every day to ensure our long-term existence in the marketplace. We always want to be here for you!

At PLM, we are redefining the pallet and recycled waste stream business! You have our word on it.


Steven D. Snodsmith
President and CEO

A proud member of the NWPCA

The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) is the largest wood packaging association in the world. Located in Alexandria, Va., NWPCA is an international trade association with more than 700 member companies who recycle, manufacture and distribute wooden pallets, reals and containers, or who supply products and services to the industry.
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